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Onsite Training: Training At Your Location

When you keep your staff well trained your agency will experience measureable results. Your agency will spend more time administering services and increasing production value within your agency.

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More information for Onsite Training available here.

Your Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher staff can receive the same great training on DVD. DVD's allow you to train anytime and at your own pace. Now is the time to get top performance from your agency. Give your staff the tools they need to succeed. Get more information on DVD training here.

Go beyond the basics and experience the Advanced level of Rent Calculation training. This seminar is a must for all current Rent Calculation Specialist, managers and quality control staff.

Get more Advanced Rent Calculation information here.

Course Outlines

View the list of courses available for your staff. All seminars come with Certification. Email your request for onsite training today.

File Reviews

Your file review services can be conducted either live onsite at your location or online. Our internet technicians can set up a secure network that ensures privacy and adheres to all industry regulations.

RFP's and Agency Proposals

Your agency can send us the Request for Proposals here. You may also call us for an analysis of your proposal.

Jamie Kinney Continues to Answer all Questions from your Staff

Our company has answered all industry related emails from government staff all across the country. Our services are Free and it's our way of giving back to the community.

If your staff has any industry related question simple send us an email. Most answers will be returned on the same day. All answers are returned within 24 hours.

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